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How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner
Bill's book, 
"How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner and Still Have a Life" 
is an "Owner's Manual" for entrepreneurs! 
Click the book for the
Video Trailer!

#1 "Work/Life Balance" Book on on 11/17/07!

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Strategic Planning Workbooks
Pencil Your Way to Success!



Welcome. I'm Bill Collier. I help small and mid-sized companies
improve the bottom line and beat the recession!

Our Services ...


Coaching & Consulting


Strategic Planning


Peer Advisory Roundtable Groups


Business / Financial Literacy Training


Speaking, Training and Workshops


St. Louis region's coach for The Great Game of Business

Bill's Upcoming Events

Great Game of Business Breakfast Series
Real Business Education for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and their Teams
3rd Thursday of each month

Email Bill for more info on any of these programs.



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